Four British born Greek/ Irish sisters bringing you their love, honest opinions and the world through their eyes, from four different perspectives. Eleni, the avid traveller and writer who's roamed the world on her own from the age of 17, Natalie the Freelance Fashion Stylist, Photographer and Editor, who's worked with celebrities on editorial, advertisements and films. Sofia, Author of self help book Girl To Goddess and Anastasia politics obsessed, human rights activist who has her own radio show on Shoreditch radio. Lets just say if there's a protest there's a huge chance she's on the front line with the biggest gob in Europe.

So they decided to get their heads together and bring you a combination of Travel, Style, Beauty, Health and Fitness, but most of all Sisterhood. Their aim is to inspire and aspire. Join them on their journey, get involved or simply just enjoy!

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