Four Ways To Beat The Winter Belly

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We all know it... Winter is coming. Which means that extra layer of "plump" is about to creep up on us like a silent Ninja. One minute you're in your bikini jumping off a super yacht in St Tropez and the next you look like a Christmas pudding. Eek. And for those single girls out there this doesn't really synchronise with the timing that every hot single male out there suddenly decides he needs a girlfriend. So if you're like most of us humans, you're left standing naked in front of the mirror wondering what the hell happened. Well if this is you, fear not...we are here to help! It's time to finally beat the silent 'fat ninja' and keep that sexy summer body hot, leaving you feeling smoking.

If it's body confidence you're after, over the next 4 weeks, we will be bringing you our four favourite moves, that you can do in your own living room.

We don’t just want you to do this to get that perfect body, we want you to set that bar for a healthy lifestyle change. We’re talking, lets get fit from the inside out. A healthy mind and heart will get you glowing all year round. So by the time Christmas rocks up you'll be batting those boys off (with their seasonal porky bellies) and running away from Rupert in the IT department drooling over your mini dress #winning.

 Our Four Top Tips To Staying FIT

Making fitness fun is our number one. Lets not beat around the bush working out can be mundane, repetitive and kills at times. Always try to do it with a friend or a workout buddy. Even just going to a class over the gym lone ranger is a lot more fun than flying solo. Laugh through the pain, not only does it make it much more fun, you’re actually losing more weight from all the stomach muscles you’re using.

2  Working on your body from the inside out. Self love is key to getting fit. Look at your body in the mirror every day and love every part of it. Yes we might not love our love handles, or bingo wings or kankles BUT we can change that. Give your body the recognition it deserves. Once you start loving your body and understanding what makes you beautiful, your mind will be ready to make that change.

the four things; winter wright; weightloss; fitness blog; travel blog; sisters; four ways to get fit
fitness; fitness blog; the four things; sister workouts


3  Fitness doesn’t have to be about getting super skinny, so don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Social media plays a big part in body confidence. Thousands of models on Instagram who look effortlessly perfect can make you feel insecure, instead of feeling like it's unattainable, admire it, feel inspired by it and don’t focus on being them, you were born into your body. The main goal of fitness is about having a healthy heart and toning and shaping what you have, enough to feel confident in your own skin. Love your body.

4  Balance is everything. Just like all other aspects of life, working out needs to fit into your life exactly where you want it to. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard. That’s when it doesn’t become fun anymore. What is the point in putting yourself through killer workouts you don’t enjoy. Mix it up and try different exercises, different classes, different places, variety is key. The other important thing is to not feel guilty if you don’t have time to work out one week. Sometimes life gets in the way so just enjoy it and rest. Focus your energy on doing things you can make time for like eating healthier. If you’re really having a stressful week head to your nearest yoga class or put on some calming meditation music and do some stretches at home. 

 TIP If you’ve had a bit of a crazy day and you’re feeling a bit low put your legs up the wall at 90 degrees for 5 minutes when you get in from work and give them a little shake, this allows all the blood to run to your head and wash away any harm of the day. You’ll turn from zero to hero in a fab 5 minutes.

Earn your treats. Make your vices into virtues…so have that piece of cake and enjoy every bite of it. Deprivation will only make you resentful.

We hope you love our workouts and if you want to get involved send us a message or a comment and come along. We would love for you to come and work out with us. We are all about inspiring others and supporting each other, so remember don’t be hard on yourself, do it for you and do it to be the best version of yourself.

With a few positive body-attitude adjustments you can feel better. So, are you motivated? Then ready, lets go!



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