Incredible India: Monkey Temple Rajasthan

Monkey Temple

Built within the Aravalli Hills, just East of Jaipur you will find Monkey Temple, Galtaji the ancient Hindu temple. Where pilgrims once roamed a large tribe of monkeys now reign.

These cheeky Rhus Macaques are famously known as the monkey thieves. As we enter, it's immediately apparent that we are treading on brazen primate territory.

The infamous 'Galta Gang', a 60 strong troupe that live in this beautiful temple are renowned for causing utter mayhem. There is an obvious respect by the locals that leave these naughty bunch to live in opulence. This has to do with their belief in Hanuman, the monkey hero of the mythical Hindu figure Rama.



monkey kingdom india

The temple is built of crafted pink sandstone and as you walk up the steps to reveal the natural water springs or 'Kunds' you can see the beautiful courtyards gracing this place. Decorated with pillars throughout.

It was a charming experience to watch the locals daily ritual of bathing in the holy waters. The women fully dressed in sari's, every colour of the rainbow and the men stripped down to their briefs. With an audience of the resident monkeys you certainly get a taste of times past. It is clear to see very little has changed since ancient times.

We couldn't help but get ourselves involved in the mischief. With the cows, monkeys and children running wild. We bought nuts from a local seller and fed them until they got too greedy.

FACT Long tailed Macaque's are one of the best primate swimmers, and prefer to sleep in trees overhanging water. And almost 70% are right handed. Just like us.

The Galtaji monkey temple is at Khaniya, Jaipur, Rajasthan


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